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A practical guide and source of inspiration for anyone who needs a “glimmer of hope” – Part 1: Voices from Youtube

januszkoch 25 grudnia 2017 0 Comments

Hope? Faith? Optimism? Today?
Of course!
A practical guide and source of inspiration for anyone who needs a “glimmer of hope”
Part 1: Voices from Youtube

Internet, tv, newspapers, generally speaking, media, are currently a huge producers of information garbage (because how else we can call news about terrorist attacks, murders, all kinds of scandals, disasters and news from the life of stars, celebrities, politics and other influential and famous people?). Don’t you think that kind of news are worthless and useless?
Yes, it’s fact, we all know, that much evil happening in the world, but why we should focus only on that negative, causing grief and sadness messages, about tragedy, pain and suffering of other people, given to us like on a production line at the factory?
This manner of information delivery creates in us indifference, passivity and callousness, simultaneously killing empathy, sensitivity and kindness for other people and they problems.
Why information, news, facts about good people (people in such positive stories are usually like us – not rich, not popular but, also, no worse than so-called VIP’s), good deeds, expressions of kindness, love between people and animals are belittling, often ridiculed and moved to the background, despite the fact that they are very inspirational by bringing into our lives more hope, faith and optimism?

We can’t disconnect from internet and throw the TV out of the window (giving a new meaning to saying „television kills people” ), along with pretending to be deaf, including closing eyes, because then we will not be able to see and hear what is wrong but also, what is good.

Fortunately, decision of what we’re reading, watching and listening, belongs to us
Maybe I can suggest you something? Do you really need TV and newspapers?
It’s your decision, but fact is that every information you need, on every topic
is in Internet, with infinite amount and variety.

We can start by watching, so you can check:

a) Real Life Heroes Channel
„Faith in humanity restored”.
On the main page of the channel, we can read: „source of inspirational, motivational and faith-restoring content. We create high quality videos filled with amazing rescues and heroic moments surrounding people, animals, society, humanity, sports and much more”.
It’s true :).

b) GiveBackFilms
Making people happy – I think this channel is about that. Touchy and inspirational scenes, where people give something to other people.
Reaction of people who received something for nothing, for no reason, can inspire us to share with others in a similar manner.
You don’t have to be re rich if you want help someone. Materially, financially you can have nothing, to make a smile on other people face.

c) RandomActsOfKindness
Channel about kindness that „keeps the world afloat”.
Without kindness, we’ll be like a machines. Emotions, positive emotions, are needed to live with others, without hate, intolerance and mutual dislike.

d) 50 Heartbreaking Movie Moments
Compilation of touchy and inspirational scenes (with well matched, epic background music) from great movies. Sometimes, by watching those scenes, you feel something deep inside of you.
In description, we can read a sentence:
“We need never be ashamed of our tears.” – Charles Dickens.
Our tears (which a lot of us are afraid to show) is a prove, that we are havent lost humanity entirely.

e) „Russian video that made the whole world cry
The title is very appropriate. That video proves that all the stereotypes associated with various countries, have nothing to do with reality. People are too different, to generalize them in that way. Actually, in any way.
Of course, in addition, beautiful music in the background (The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of The Birds – used also in a beautiful movie: „Theory of Everything” which I will mention in other. next part of article)

f) Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy
„In every life we have some trouble, when you worry, you make it double”.
Simple as that. You think that’s naive? Well, you can always worry further, and futher, and futher…

g) „I Will Fight”
„If God is for me, who can be against me?”
Faith is a great power. With God, you can do everything.

h) „Heart Touching Moments Compilation”
Some moments, scenes are heavy, but it’s worth to watch (actually, maybe because of that kind of scenes, video is more valuable?).

i) Susan Boyle – Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1
One of the most inspirational video I’ve ever seen. If you believe in yourself, in your talent – nothing else matters. Must watch!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. – Mahatma Gandhi

j) The Power of Forgiveness – Gary Ridgway
Listen what said people from family of murdered by Gary Ridgway women’s : „He’s an animal”, „ I wish him a long suffering and cruel death”, „He’s going to hell”.
Don’t you think it’s hypocrisy from them?
Hoping, wishing someone else cruel death and calling him a monster?
This will not help anyone and, in fact, those women are not better and any different than him.
In additionally, this not influence to him at all, but forgiveness, from father of murdered daughter – yes. He cried. Something in him, snapped.
It’s a prove that everyone of us, have feelings. We’re becoming monsters by our choice, by act of other people.
If you think, that hate, desire for revenge is a good solution and answer to every kind of violence, as well as you calling that “justice”, look at our world, think about the meaning of this and stop your egocentrism.

k) Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”
Instead of the spiral of hatred, kindness boomerang :).

l) Team Hoyt – Dad and Son
Very touching and inspirational.
„Would you do that if your kid ask you?”
Do you?

m) Everlast Boxing Makes You Bigger
Kindness and empathy is more important than physical strength and fighting skill. That is a real power.

n) Good Cop Pull Over Prank
Policeman tells you to stop, so you probably think that you will get a ticket.
Well, not a ticket…;).
A nice alternative from often idiotic, harmful to others and directed, pranks.

o) Heartwarming Thai Commercial – Thai Good Stories By Linaloved 
Almost like a good romantic comedy – funny and touching :).

And now, something different than before. If you’re inspired by above videos, check out these below and try to change something.
That wasn’t irony. You can change the world by trying to make a positive difference in your nearest environment along with inspiring other people, so, together, we can change something more in our world.
Sounds unrealistic? It’s unrealistic because we are passive.

p) A Message For All Of Humanity – Charlie Chaplin
A speech given to us by famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin.
In addition, he’s appearance reminds me of well-known German dictator from The Second World War.
His words, however, are very wise and timeless, but after 75 years, nothing has changed.

r) Severn Cullis-Suzuki at Rio Summit 1992
In 1992, Severn Cullis Suzuki, twelve years old child, delivered a powerful speech that drew the attention of the whole world. Like always, only attention, not action.

You know that’s not even a little part from this kind of movies placed on Youtube.
Youtube suggests what movies to watch, based on those that we watched previously. It is very useful if you want to find something similar, but I suggest you to stop watching and start doing ;).

On Part II we will be listening beautiful, unique and motivational music.

Take care,

“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

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