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Adult children and childish adults.

januszkoch 25 grudnia 2017 0 Comments

As children we are, seemingly, defenseless in the world around us. We want to have fun and laugh. Condition of our bank account does not matter to us (breaking the piggy bank is associated with a moment of joy and the goal is often to buy some toy, after all, only fun matters, children never regret the money spent on toys, on anything), but getting rid of all the money from your bank account, dear adult, is a tragedy comparable with earthquake.

They’re clever than you think

Children not care about pessimistic information which shows our media, and enjoying in trifle, „little” things, laughing often and don’t looking at „noise” and details.
When adults looks on children behavior, they think that is silly, immature, frivolous, associated with the loss of time. Adults have a reverse trend, pleased by highly paid job, new car, furniture, clothes, popularity and power from money or rule others.
I don’t know why this is recognized as being „mature”.

Children are not interested in this, they live in the moment, enjoying the “just anything”, smiles more frequently, crying lasts a few minutest. This “pain” is not associated with endless regret, finding the „guilty” and revenge (like their lives depends on it).

The biggest problem for children is that consider whether mom bought him a dream toy or no. When he don’t get that toy, child can maybe a little cry in the corner, but after 5 minutes, goes on to continue playing, like nothing has happen.

They’re happy. Why this is not enough?
Why do we teach them, and they did not teach us? And what do we teach them?

Albert Camus said:

The school teaches children living in a world that does not exist

Whether in your world, dear adults, there is a need for solving math equations at every step, or remember the date of the biggest battles of the16th century and periodic table, arithmetic like rest useless, because impractical knowledge?
No? So, if you know that it is not needed, why, from generation to generation, you sticking it to the head of your children, seeing almost zero effectiveness of such practices?

Instead of learning how to think, you learn them what to think, showing only, in your opinion, the right way, instead of supporting the child in his own journey, individual path, guided to extract from him what is best and related with that, what he want to do in his/her life.

This is later connected with many negative effects, not to mention the fact that it is associated with big loss of time, money and nerves. Children and ours.

You really think, that by a creating and maintaining such a system, our children learns responsibility and they will cope in life?
This is the absurd, that this system with so insignificant effectiveness, is still maintaining.

Only individuals, break through.
Kids, young people, with a strong character that really know what they want and don’t give to deceive, doubt in themselves and their goals
Adults and other children, often wants to break them. Sometimes, too often, they give up because of negative reactions and opinions. If child is more vulnerable, it can end tragically.

Children, who give up their dreams and goals become adults.
They working hard, being unhappy and unfulfilled, in extreme situations, they lands on the street, sometimes wants to end their lives.

Children, who not give up, still remain children.
Similarly, they working hard, but with passion, being happy, loving and fulfilled.

„Honor your father and your mother”

Children are brave, and we, adults, are going along the line of least resistance, which after long time, creates more trouble to us, rather than solve them.
Children carelessness and optimism make that we like staying with them. We laugh with, from and near them, it gets us warm at heart, turns to us protectiveness – love.
But that not bother us to send them later to the “schools”, to impose them our way of life, rules, command, punish and even though – expects later care from them and if they refuse, calling them vile, ungrateful, because “I paid for your school , I kept you financially. ”

Bible? The fifth commandment? You deserved for that? Who do you think you are?
Tell this commandment to child, that is raped and beaten by his father, and being a teenager, must keep financially his mother, at the same time taking care and protect his younger brother from sadistic parent.

As adults, not only by being parents, we are responsible for young people that, in future, will occupy our place. Unfortunately, the responsibility for someone is also a power over him. Children are sensitive, easy to influence, to hurt, to manipulate, especially when we are authorities for them. Mind of young child is receptive, his heart is sensitive, so, the wrong person and the wrong action can kill confidence in them, desire to growing up, acquire contacts, generally speaking – life.

Children that are not entirely childish
If you think, that children approach is unreasonable, look at your behavior.
What give us grief, worrying, except of adding problems instead of solving them?

Spontaneous solution, not thought out, give us better results than endless analysis of the same situation, considering the possibility and endless selection of possible solutions and worrying about future.

What give us eternal analyzing of trouble, trying to come up with the perfect solution?
It is pointless, because life is completely unpredictable.

Take care,