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13 main rules of writing helpful articles

januszkoch 25 grudnia 2017 0 Comments

I do not have much experience in writing, but I let myself to write down the helpful principles, a kind of guide for me. I hope that they also come in handy to you.

  1. Have fun and love what you do.
  2. Use concrete, real examples (it will be best if examples are from people that are most commonly known, but it is not a requirement)
  3. Thought-provoking metaphor (appreciating intelligence of reader, instead of neglecting)
  4. Desire to help, which is not connected with earning money and raising your ego.
  5. Humor, but not primitive, brazen, in excessive amount. Subtle (irony, allusions, blink eye to reader)
  6. Arguments and conclusions should be original, maybe slightly surprising but simple, obvious, real and honest (like in Dale Carnegie books)
  7. Suggestion, encouragement not „do’s and don’ts”.
  8. You’re shouldn’t be a mentor, but a friend. (look at Pt. 3)
  9. Use everyday, simple language, not poetic – scientific (again, look at Pt. 3)
  10. Constantly expand your knowledge, but focus on the issues, which can be really helpful to others.
  11. When you develop your knowledge, focus on 2, 3 issues max, and one book on each of them at the same time.
    Democritus’s said:

    Do not try to understand everything, because you will find everything incomprehensible.

  12. I believe that’s very important principle of motivation (and help):
    Alan Loy McGinnis in his book „Bringing out the best in people” wrote:

    Thomas Aquinas, who knew a great deal about education and motivation, once said that when you want to convert a man to your view, you go over to where he is standing, take him by the hand and guide him. You don’t stand across the room and shout at him; you don’t call him a dummy; you don’t order him to come over to where you are. You start where he is, and work from that position. That’s the only way to get him to budge.

  13. Have fun and love what you do.

Take care,